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Kira's Playground

Just a little girl playing dress-up

30 November 1978
blue adj. blu·er, blu·est Indecent; risqué: a blue joke; a blue movie.

It's been about 8 months since I updated this, so here's the latest!

Holy latitude, Batman! I'm an American expat in Australia, originally from the DC area but having lived North (New York, Galesburg Illinois), South (Dallas, Orlando, New Orleans), East (DC, Virginia, Maryland), and West (Santa Cruz, Los Angeles). I left my heart in San Francisco, but am trying to find a new home in Adelaide, Australia. It's not easy, not for a second, living on the other side of the world, but I'm getting used to the weird creatures, weirder roads, and generally good-hearted-and-truly-bizarre Aussies.

In May, 2008 I married my Ryan and together we spend a ton of time working on our lavish manor (read: outdated 60s/70s tracthouse) and lovingly tending our manicured grounds (read: bushwhacking/taming our snarley jungle). Marriage/love/life is.. interesting.. but the good times are many and worthwhile.

On my own, I have become obsessed with trying new recipes and attempting to bake all our own bread. We have a touch of the Urban Homesteader in us, as we poke and prod the ground to coax a veggie patch to grow, and plan our own backyard chicken run. I may even brave the world of cheesemaking at home. This all keeps me entertained during my lengthy break from the professional world (read: until I have a working car again!) Until then, I am miss merry homemaker, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and growing. It's definitely a different way of life from my high-pressure design/analytics job in a high-class urban office!

Things I miss are: Money! I had a lot, now I have a little, but that's okay for now. Family. I'm 24 hours flight-time away from mine, but have some pretty decent in-laws 10 minutes away. Mountains. I grew up in/near/around them and Aussie has nearly none. Snow. Definitely miss! Shopping late at night. Stores close at 5pm here. Yuppy and freaky things. I can be a bit snobby in my hobbies (ooh a rhyme!) and dearly miss uppity cafes, art shows, and such, and as an ex-performer, I miss my circus freak friends and running off to New Orleans for weeks of street performing.

Things I don't miss are: Insane traffic. It doesn't exist here. Living landlocked. The beach is but a bike ride away. Icy-cold winters. They don't understand cold in Australia. Apartment living. It's sooo nice having walls I can paint and space for all the garden I can stand!

This journal has become friends-locked for now, but I'm always happy to add newbies! Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

My cookin':
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